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 This is where you can download over 500 High resolution Tartans scanned from actual cloth, as you need them. Please follow the rules of use.
Password Required to download full resolution files




  1. Once you have selected the folder of your choice and the tartan thumbnails are on your screen, click on the image of the tartan;

  2. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted for your Armorial Gold username and password, once you are logged in clicking on an image will prompt you to download and save the image.

  3. Go to your photo or graphic software and select open, or insert, or import.


Modern: These are the bright, rich colours that most people associate with the Scottish Tartan

Ancient: These are the softer & lighter colours produced by the natural dyes that were in use prior to 1860

Dress: Dress tartans were used for more formal occasions. Dress is divided into Dress (A), and Dress (M).

Htg: Hunting tartans were used for sport or everyday wear. Hunting can be (M) or (A)

Weathered: Designed to look like the fabric has been left exposed to sun and rain.


Note: there is also a group of Tartans called "family or privately commissioned". These are tartans commissioned directly through a mill (usually by a family that does not have a registered ancient tartan), and as such are not offered on this site. You would require special permission from the family representative to use it.


There are thousands of Clan Septs with affiliated Clans. By clicking on the "Clan List" logo, you will find a list of over 2,000 of them.  We can also email you a Ms Excel file if you need it.


We ask those who are using the site to restrict Downloads to a maximum of 6 per day, so that you donít tie-up the website for other Armorial Clients to enjoy. You cannot sell the digital tartans or otherwise give them away. You can however use them for personal or business use. If you want to put them on your family website you can (max of 6) but you must provide a link to the Armorial Gold Website. Using the tartans for imprinting, graphic layouts and other home printing or craft projects is allowed. A Coat of Arms looks great with a tartan background. The Password you were provided belongs to you only and is tied in to your IP address. If you are caught providing your password and access to anyone else, your access will be cancelled.


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The Armorial Gold tartan site and the use of the Scottish tartans is governed by the rules as described herein. The Scottish tartans were scanned from actual cloth and are provided free to Armorial Gold Clients. The Scottish tartan images can be used for commercial purposes as outlined in the Rules section of this Tartan website. The Tartan website provides a reference list of Scottish clans and Septs as provided above, so you then can look up the appropriate Scottish tartan affiliation. Enjoy the tartans and if you have any questions, please contact Armorial Gold Heraldry by clicking on the home buttons.